Our Products

Our Products

Crown & Bridge


Zirconia restorations


Zirconia is the primary fixed restorative ceramic material option. 


We offer the choice of layered zirconia for outstanding aesthetics and full-contour monolithic zirconia for maximum strength. 

IPS e.max®

IPS e.max®, a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic, has been our premium anterior aesthetic option for veneers for more than a decade. 

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a very effective smile enhancement technique in dentistry. We are meticulous in the design of the shape and pay particular attention to the shade and translucency.

PFM's and full cast gold


We offer you a choice of High Noble and Noble Alloys with accompanying Indentalloy Certificates of composition. 

Diagnostic wax-ups


Diagnostic "wax-ups" are also a CAD option that provides patients with an accurate physical preview of their desired restorative outcome. We digitally design and mill the arch in an aesthetic wax. 





Provisional restorations are digitally designed and precision milled to provide aesthetic and durable temporary options that we can prepare in advance. 


PFM / All-ceramic implant bundle

Various restoration options over implants

Screw retained hybrid denture


Implant overdentures

Our implant cases can either contain a prescribed stock abutment or a titanium or zirconia custom-designed abutment. Our highly trained implant technicians are available to support you in the treatment planning of your case. 

We work with all implant systems including Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Dentsply Implants, and Biohorizons.

We have three implant bundle pricing options that provide your patients with flexibility in terms of their treatment options. 




Full denture


Our specialized denture team provides a precision-fit, natural looking denture.



Partial cast denture

Our cast partials provide maximum strength and ideal fit. We use the best bio-compatible alloys. Our partials are manufactured to provide consistency, strength and durability.

Flexible denture

Our Flexible partials are lightweight, more comfortable and have no metal clasps. 

Combo Crowns and Partials


We have specialists who are well trained to work on combination cases. We can assist you in designing and treatment planning of the case.






Occlusal guards



Thermo-plastic treatment appliance that protects all teeth and muscle fatique from clenching while sleeping. The thermo-plastic material flexes in warm water, and when placed in the patients mouth it conforms to the contours of the teeth. The advantage of Clear-adapt is that it combines the advantage of a hard acrylic splint with those of a more pliable splint.





This is a unique combination of a heat cure hard acrylic laminate construction with a thermo-plastic tooth and tissue side. This offers the best of both worlds for patients of heavy bruxers and clenchers.





The Eclipse® nightguard has a hard outer layer providing a firm occlusal surface, and a soft, resilient inner lining for a secure fit. It has no methyl methacrylate and is monomer free.



Clear Splint


The Clear Splint is a soft thermoplastic splint that is also monomer free.



Other nightguards:

  • Hard Acrylic

  • MT Sinai Splint

  • Kois Splint



All splints can be customized according to any special needs you may require i.e cuspid rise, no occlusal coverage of anteriors, clasps etc.



Snoring and sleep apnea appliances








Hawley Retainer

Essix Retainer

Sports guards

Space maintainers

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