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"Our Products Are Our Pride"

Since 1980

We are refreshing our workflow as we invest in new technology to create the next generation digital laboratory to provide you with A - Z patient solutions.

Crown & Bridge

Zirconia Bridge
Gold Crown

Crown & Bridge-Digital

We have the capability to accept files from all IOS scanning systems to create digital designed and manufactured crowns that meet your exacting expectations and our high laboratory standards. 


Zirconium dioxide

Zirconium dioxide milled crowns are the most widely accepted CAD/CAM materials option for dental restorations, from single units to full arch restorations. We offer the choice of multi-layered zirconia, for outstanding anterior aesthetics, and full-contour monolithic zirconia for posterior maximum strength, based on the VITA Classical and 3D Shade guide systems. We can find a shade match with other shade guide systems as well.​   (see our resources page)


IPS e.max®, a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic made by Ivoclar Vivodent, has been our premium anterior aesthetic option for veneers for more than a decade. We are meticulous in the design of the contours and pay particular attention to the shade and translucency that is desired. Stump shades are critical for optimum aesthetics. (see our resources page)


Veneers are a very effective smile enhancement technique in dentistry. We are meticulous in the design of the shape and pay particular attention to the shade and translucency.

Cast Gold Crowns and PFM's


We offer you a choice of High Noble and Noble Alloys with accompanying Indentalloy Certificates of composition. 

Diagnostic wax-ups


Diagnostic "wax-ups" are also a CAD option that provides patients with an accurate physical preview of their desired restorative outcome. We digitally design and mill the arch in an aesthetic wax. 





Provisional restorations are digitally designed and precision milled to provide aesthetic and durable temporary options that we can prepare in advance. 

Surgical Guide Process

Surgical Guides



We have the digital treatment planning service available for personal consultation with our experienced implant technician who can guide you through the process which will optimize your time and simplify the outcome for you and your patient.


We require a full arch patient impression and CBCT sent to the lab where we will develop a preliminary plan. We will arrange a time for a planning session and then send you the results for review and finalize the plan. The lab will then fabricate the guide and deliver the case to your office.


We do offer other guides as well.  

  • Pilot

  • Fully guided

  • Esthetic crown lengthening

  • Direct sinus lift

  • Apicoectomy

  • Bone reduction

Any system; any situation; and any restoration. We can find a solution for your patient.

Crosstown has an unparalleled experience with implants through all their various iterations since they were first marketed by NobelBiocare in 1984. Our lab standard is to use OEM hardware and we will offer third party options for those clinicians who want to offer a value priced option for their patients. We have four implant bundle pricing options that enable you to easily quote and provide your patients with flexibility in terms of their treatment options when using a predesigned titanium abutment or a CAD/CAM custom designed mesostructure with an all ceramic crown.

​Digital IOS full arch scans are even easier. We can provide you with the appropriate scan bodies and create PMMA provisionals to sculpt the emergence profile of the tissue as it heals.

​We work even closer with you when you want to be part of our surgical guide treatment planning process. Our personalized consultant service will connect you with our very experienced Guide Technician, who will provide a preliminary plan, from the full arch patient .stl to the CBCT scan. We arrange a discussion and send you the final plan. Then we can fabricate either a full or pilot guide and complete the final restoration. 

​We also do a wide range of other guides for esthetic crown lengthening; direct sinus lift; apicoectomy and bone reduction.

Implant Bundles Information

Our Implant Restorative Bundles include the following items:

Crown, Abutment, Model, Analog, Clinical Screw


We offer 4 Fixed Priced Implant Restorative Bundle options with 

Doctor's choice of ceramic crowns (zirconia or e.max):


Ti Base Stock Abutment - Monolithic Crown

Ti Base Stock Abutment - Porcelain Layered Crown (PFZ)

CAD Custom Abutment - Monolithic Crown

CAD Custom Abutment - Porcelain Layered Crown (PFZ)



Full denture


Our specialized denture team provides a precision-fit, natural looking denture.



Partial cast denture

Our cast partials provide maximum strength and ideal fit. We use the best bio-compatible alloys. Our partials are manufactured to provide consistency, strength and durability.

Flexible denture

Our Flexible partials are lightweight, more comfortable and have no metal clasps. 

Combination Cases Crowns and Attachments


We have specialists who are well trained to work on combination cases. We can assist you in designing and treatment planning of the case.






Occlusal Guards

Occlusal Guards

Comfort Print


A 3-D printed occlusal guard that protects. Thermo-plastic treatment appliance that protects all teeth and muscle fatique from clenching while sleeping. The thermo-plastic material flexes in warm water, and when placed in the patients mouth it conforms to the contours of the teeth. The advantage of the Comfort Print is that it combines the advantage of a hard acrylic splint with those of a more pliable splint.


Slim Line


The Slim Line has a hard outer layer providing a firm occlusal surface, and a soft, resilient inner lining for a secure fit. It has no methyl methacrylate and is monomer free.


Other Occlusal Guards:

  • Hard Acrylic

  • MT Sinai Splint

  • Kois Splint



All splints can be customized according to any special needs you may require i.e cuspid rise, no occlusal coverage of anteriors, clasps etc.

Sports Guards

Sports related orofacial traumatic injuries occur frequently among various kinds of sports activities involving groups of people. A few studies, using proper study designs and statistical analysis, have reported the efficacy of the mouthguard in reducing traumatic injuries to the teeth and supporting soft tissue structures. Users of custom made mouthguards had significantly lower rates of dental injuries and soft tissue injuries than nonusers.


Ask about our wide range of colours.

Sleep Disorder Appliances

Sleep Disorder Appliances

Digital lab

Clinically Proven

Fifteen scientific studies have demonstrated the oral appliance clinical benefits. Ninety one percent of patients stated improvement in sleep quality with oral appliances.


Sleep apnea oral appliances and dental devices are approved medical treatment options for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. They are also considered for treatment of OSA patients with severe sleep apnea who are unable to tolerate CPAP.


Some of the side effects of sleep apnea dental devices include TMJ discomfort, tooth shifting, and tooth discomfort. Treatment for sleep apnea with oral sleep apnea therapies should be coordinated with a physician and dentist.

Martin SDA

The Martin™ SDA sleep appliance was developed in 1998 by Crosstown Dental Laboratory in consultation with a major hospital sleep disorder research centre and an orthodontist.


Panthera D-SAD


The Panthera D-SAD is a FDA approved dental appliance that can be used for the treatment of snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnea. The length of the rods can vary from 21 to 35 mm and can be adjusted in 0.5-mm increments for a highly accurate and customized advancement.


The Panthera D-SAD is the smallest device in the industry and it is the only one that

is entirely printed using CAD/CAM technology.










Crosstown Dental Lab


We have extensive experience with removable appliances, from space maintainers to Aligners.


Contact us for further details.

To learn more about the Aligner Care Guide, Click Here

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