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Digital Dentistry

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Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry


Our lab has invested heavily in full scale digital scanning and milling technology and machinery.

We are able to receive scans from all systems that send STL files including Itero, Planscan, CEREC, 3 Shape Trios and Carestream systems.




Why go digital?


Digital Dentistry is fast becoming the STANDARD of care

  • Do you want your PATIENTS REFERRING you to their friends and family? Provide a WOW patient experience and stand out from the crowd. Get your patients talking about your practice!

  • Reduce remakes and AVOID having to bring patients back for another impression.

  • Reduce chair time and INCREASE PROFITABILITY.

  • Improved ACCURACY and better CONSISTENCY.

  • Isn’t it stressful dealing with“gaggers”?

  • Have more fun! EMBRACE the new TECHNOLOGY and increase your personal enjoyment levels.

  • Utilize digital treatment planning tools to increase CASE ACCEPTANCE.

It is important to be fully informed before you make a decision on the right digital solution for YOU


  • Do you truly understand the benefits of going digital?

  • For your implant system, does a scanner accommodate an appropriate digital solution?

  • Do you know how the crown and bridge / digital implant work ow works in detail?

  • Have you seen samples of digital implant / crown and bridge models?

  • Do you understand the price of digital restorations?

  • Do you have a digital support team in place to assist you through the “learning curve”?

  • How experienced is your lab in receiving digital files?

  • Have you worked out your internal process for sending and tracking cases digitally?

  • Do you know what materials are available using this work flow?

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