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Intra-Oral Scanning Tips


  • Capture the entire anterior region so that the restoration matches existing dentition.

  • Do a pre-prep scan of the tooth or temporary crown to aid in design.


  • Capture at least two teeth on either side of prepared tooth to ensure restoration fits within the existing dentition

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 4.32.53 PM.png

Getting the Best Possible Scan

Moisture Control

  • Dry prep and adjacent teeth with air to eliminate distortion caused by saliva

  • Use cotton, saliva ejectors and other dental absorbents to keep mouth dry during scanning

  • Keep the camera of the scanning tip dry and clean at all times

Tissue Management

  • Adequate gingiva retraction, or use of a laser enables accurate scanning of the margin line

  • Subgingival margins are hard for the scanner to capture unless tissue management technique is precise 

  • The two-cord retraction technique or use of a laser is highly recommended for a visible margin line

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