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Celebrating 44 Years of Smiles

Crosstown Dental Laboratory is the leading dental laboratory across the Canadian Prairies, the heart of Canada. We continue to celebrate as we enter our 44th year of smiles in 2024. Dental technology has changed a lot over 40 years but our priorities have not: we make beautiful teeth and smiles.


Crosstown Dental Laboratory’s pledge to the dental community: to fabricate top quality restorations, regardless of the challenges.  Everyone deserves a breathtaking smile and that is what we do.  43 years in business is a lot of success and a whole lot of happy clients.


Thank you for being part of our success, either past or future. We appreciate you and what you do, and are grateful you appreciate us and our work!

Digital Dental Lab

We would love to communicate with you so let's Zoom or arrange an appointment to visit with us.

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381 Cumberland Ave

Winnipeg, MB

R3B 1T5

   204 474 0698

1 800 665 5159

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