Crown and Bridge – Alloys



Noble Alloy         

High Noble Alloy

Fixed Fee PBM Base alloy $210.00 per unit



Crosstown uses only high noble or noble alloys and has alloy certificates available for those who request them. High noble alloy contains at least 40% gold and 60% (total) gold, palladium and platinum, where as noble alloys contain at least 25$ (total gold palladium and platinum.

The colour of the alloy depends upon the gold content. Our high gold has a rich gold colour where as our medium gold and high palladium is silver in colour. We also have gold coloured alloy (low Au) available for full metal crowns or metal bridges.

The Higher gold alloys can only be used for single units or to a maximum of three units for a bridge. Four or more units will require the strength of the medium gold and paladium alloys.

Fees based on alloy weight and subject to change without notice.


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