We are back!     OPEN     ACTIVE     SAFE

Crosstown Dental Lab is offering it’s full complement of services: digital, implants, fixed and removable restorations.

Regular business hours:  8am to 5pm,  Monday to Friday.

In-lab shade services available starting June 4th, 2020.


Dr. Glogauer, DDS, PhD

Video 1. Importance of dental care in time of Covid-19

Dr. Glogauer, DDS, PhD

Video 2. Dental patients are safe in the time of Covid-19

The clinician’s relationship with a dental laboratory affects such areas as scheduling, quality of care, overhead and overall stress. Good communication with the right laboratory makes these manageable and Crosstown Dental has developed strong working relationships with its clients since it opened in 1980.

Crosstown Dental Laboratory has accumulated decades of practical experience with a wide variety of situations and has standards in place to ensure successful case outcomes. What we do best is to accommodate each doctor’s clinical parameters and like any relationship we work hard to ensure we have a smooth running partnership.Your dental laboratory is an integral part of the oral health team.